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How does barcode ribbon affect barcode printers?
- Aug 24, 2018 -

1. The correct operation:

Whether the user's operation is correct or not has a great influence on the length of the barcode printer's serv life, such as temperature, pressure and other machine settings and applications, the correct use of the icebarcode ribbon, and so on.

2. The implementation of maintenance:

Whether to carry out general maintenance according to the use situation, and whether the maintenance action is correct (including the use of maintenance equipment and methods), and regular professional maintenance adjustment is complete, the above points affect the service life of the bar code printer.

3. Environmental factors:

Barcode printers should be turned off when not in use, so that the machine can be kept at a low temperature as much as possible. It can be separated by 5 to 10 minutes when switching the power supply. Try to place it in a cleaner environment. If the above conditions are met, the life of the bar code printer will last at least 5%.

Barcode printheads are fragile and vulnerable devices in bar code printers. It is a lossy product like a car, and it will eventually be damaged. However, constant attention to maintenance and continuous cleaning of the dirt caused by the ribbon ribbon layer can prolong the life of the bar code print head.

Bar code print head pre-maintenance

To work well, clean the bar code printhead every time you use a roll of ribbon or a roll of thermal paper. Note that when cleaning the bar code printhead, remove the ring to prevent scratching the bar code printhead and use a grounded metal strap or anti-static pad to prevent static damage to the bar code printhead.

You can use a 70% alcohol swab to turn off the printer and turn on the bar code print head. Use a small amount of cotton cloth to brush on the mechanical part of the printer, or gently blow off the dust (eg roller, paper/ribbon sensor and bar code print head) . Do not use any hard metal or abrasive tools (such as a screwdriver) to tamper with the contaminants produced by the bar code ribbon on the bar code printhead.

Use a cotton swab with alcohol to press it on the bar code print head from the head, then rotate the roller and use it to wipe it while the cotton swab is dirty. Do not use it again.