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How base and ink effect the ribbon quality?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

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The composition of the thermal transfer ribbon is very simple,which is made by the nylon yarn immersed in ink and dyed. The high-quality ribbon is very durable, elastic and long-lasting. Its base is very smooth without the obvious convex fiber knots, also with the uniform latitude and longitude. And the ribbon edge is straight without the char phenomenon. After touching, we could feel soft and delicate and smooth. Even if the elasticity is good, it will restore soon. The insufficient ribbon base is with the wire drawing severely,and the feeling is hard when touched. Meanwhile,while using,the poor ribbon is with the uneven edge, charing edge, poor stretch and recovery,entraining, flouncing and needle jams etc.

Besides the thermal transfer ribbon base, the ink is also an important factor to affect the ribbon quality. Good ink particle is very small, which is impossible to block the pinholes at all, also having some of excellent properties, such as  good flowability, uniform pH state, highly absorptive, good moisture, durable and slow color transition during printing. Good organic ink is non-toxic,no corrode, no odor ,also not sticky after dyeing. Meanwhile, it is easy to dry. Also, the bad ink particles are obviously large and sticky, and it is not easy to dry. The produced ribbon adhere to the other, and the pinhole is easily plugged during printing, so that the needles could not be flexibly stretched, thus breaking the needles.The judgemental method of ink quality is that wether the marks will be visible on the fingers while the ink is touched, if not, it is a  good ribbon. In poor ink, if you touch it with a greasy feel and the finger would be stained with ink marks, also seemingly adequate ink but color is not uneven yet while printing. Inferior ink will not only cause poor printing, but also the ink will enter into the gap of the printhead needles to cause plugging the print needles toally and making the printer be out of order. In severe cases, it will cause the serious printhead needle resistance to break the print pin and damage the printer directly. So choosing the excellent thermal transfer ribbon is very crucial in normal printing working, Only Ribbon Industry is your best choice,will take you the best service and professional technology support as well.
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