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Hot stamping ribbon with Good printing performance
- Jun 04, 2018 -

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The Hot Coding foil, also known as hot stamp ribbon or coding ribbon, is a consumable of Hot stamp machine printer. It is used to print the production date, batch number and necessary text labels on the flexible packaging film. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, packaging and other industries due to its ease of use, clear writing, good adhesion, rapid drying, economical and environmental protection.When using the coding ribbon, there are roughly the following requirements for printing performance:

1. Adhesion: It is required that the printing handwriting can be well attached to the substrate (product flexible packaging film), and has certain friction resistance and scratch resistance.

2. Sharpness: It requires clear and full printing, no broken pens, no burrs. The black and bright, strong three-dimensional sense writing is the best. In a simple words, looking beautiful.

3, Dirt resistance: the printed handwriting will not produce ink stains in the process of product transportation, moving, due to rubbing each other. It is generally required to rub with dry fingertips without smudging fingers.

4, Freeze resistant: frozen food, pharmaceutical industry requirements product date code identification, after long-term freezing, refrigeration processing, the writing on the packaging film still maintains good adhesion and does not easily fall off.

5, Cooking resistance: Some industries need to heat sterilize the product, require pasteurization after product is printed the date code identification, this requires the writing handwriting in the 90-120 ° high temperature cooking process can still maintain good adhesion.

The above requirements often require to select the ribbon with different performance characteristics to achieve the desired objectives, such as anti-cooking ribbons, freeze-resistant ribbons, and ribbons with strong adhesion. The most common requirement for ribbon performance on the market is the handwriting adhesion.