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How to set the Hot Stamp Coder parameter to get the best adhesion when printing
- Jun 11, 2018 -

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Hot Stamp Coder parameter setting refers to the setting of the operating parameters of the ribbon coder in the product packaging and production process, including the printing speed, brass letter temperature, and pressure settings. These contents also affect the adhesion of the printed script.

1. Print speed: The print speed determines the contact time between brass letter and hot stamp ribbons, generally in milliseconds. When brass letter at a constant temperature, the slower the printing speed, and the longer the contact time, the ink layers absorb more heat and melt more fully, the print adhesion is more better accordingly. Conversely, the ink layer is not melted enough, which can lead to chalking and falling off.

2. Brass Letter temperature: Under the constant printing speed, the higher the brass letter temperature, the more heat absorbed by the ink layers and the better the print adhesion. 

3, Printing Pressure: the greater the print pressure, the greater the impact force to the molten ink layer, resulting in the transfer of ink and the substrate more closely, the better the adhesion.

From the above, in order to obtain better printing adhesion, it is necessary to increase the brass letter temperature and the printing pressure of the coder as much as possible and reduce the printing speed as low as possible. However, taking into account factors such as production efficiency, substrate strength, and aesthetic appearance of the packaging film, it is not possible to adjust the printing parameters without restriction. Therefore, the user is required to set the operation parameters and select the type of hot coding ribbon according to his/her actual situation. For example, the pharmaceutical industry's high-speed labeling machine has a printing speed of 300-600 times per minute, a printing stroke of 0.1-0.2 seconds, and a contact time of as little as 15 milliseconds. In such a short time, the ink layer absorbs heat, melts and transfers, requesting the ribbon ink layer melting range (ink from the curing to the full melting temperature range), deinking effect to be extremely high, only the high-end materials, reasonable formula hot stamp ribbons, is able to achieve high-quality printing results, so high-speed labeling machine's brass letter temperature is generally set high, sometimes up to 220°.