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Green label printing will be the new direction for sustainable development
- Aug 06, 2018 -

In recent years, with the gradual improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, green printing is receiving unprecedented attention. The introduction of relevant policies and regulations has made it difficult for printing companies that do not pay attention to environmental protection. As an important part of the printing industry, label printing has also begun to be tested by environmentally conscious companies and consumers. Regardless of whether it is a hug or a rejection, green label printing will be a new direction for the sustainable development of all label printing companies.

Foreign countries started early in green label printing. As early as 2009, the American Label and Label Manufacturers Association (TLMI) began to develop LIFE certification procedures for packaging processing companies and suppliers. LIFE is an acronym for Label Environmental Program, which is designed to help companies become more sustainable and reduce their impact on the environment. Many well-known companies in the label field, such as Avery, UPM Raflatac, etc., have passed this certification.

In China, although there is no independent certification standard for the label industry, some label printing companies have integrated the green label printing concept into the entire process of the label printing life cycle based on social responsibility and environmental awareness. For example, Beijing Shuangyan Trademark Color Printing Co., Ltd. put forward the green label printing concept of “prepress prevention, printing standard, and printing end treatment” to realize the green governance and standardization of the whole process of label printing production; the winning bidding anti-counterfeiting printing company is After comprehensively upgrading and upgrading the enterprise, the company passed the audit of 84.5 points on-site and passed the green printing certification audit, and obtained the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification. These companies are the leaders in label printing companies to implement green printing. While taking the lead in improving the production of label printing, they will also get the economic benefits of green label printing in the future.

We know that green label printing is not a one-step process. It requires not only the exploration and practice of label printing companies, but also the efforts of label equipment manufacturers, label material suppliers, brand owners and even mass consumers. We believe that with the joint efforts of the entire industry chain of the label industry, the dream of green label printing in China will eventually be realized. Let us work together!