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Field of Medical Foil
- Jul 10, 2018 -

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With the development of science and technology and the improvement of medical level, the packaging materials for infusion containers in China have gradually transitioned from glass bottles to flexible packaging materials. With the rapid development of non-PVC infusion bags for third-generation packaging materials, PVC and non-PVC infusion bags have been made. The dosage is increasing rapidly. According to incomplete statistics, there is only a gap of 3 billion in non-PVC, and the market capacity and potential are huge. However, for a long time, the import proportion of Medical Foil products suitable for PVC and non-PVC infusion bags has been high, and the price is high. It is imperative to develop such products on the market, and it is imperative to replace imports with domestic products. This will not only bring considerable economic benefits to enterprises, but also save foreign exchange for the country and bring good social benefits.

At present, the annual demand for domestic infusion products in China uses soft bags (PVC, non-PVC) packaging accounted for 4.7%, while in the United States and other developed countries accounted for more than 95%. With the improvement of people's safety awareness, this proportion is also rising, and the Medical Foil has a very broad market space as a consumable for the infusion bag.