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Features and Advantages of TTO Coding
- Jul 13, 2018 -

The advantages of TTO coding are mainly in the three aspects, convenience, flexibility and economy. TTO can print high-precision graphics on flexible packaging. The ink of various colors is heated by the nozzle and the ribbon is transferred to the product. The font precision is high and the printing effect is good.

First, TTO does not use the word granules, so there is no need to arrange and adjust small granules, thereby avoiding the danger of the granules falling into the food or breaking the film, and the cost of replacing the granules.

Second, because TTO uses digital technology, the resolution of printed identification information can reach 300 DPI, which can meet the advantages of online marking of production lines, and the printing quality is consistent and stable. Technological innovation usually means that new technologies can bring higher product quality. Faster production speed, lower production cost, more reliable operation performance and higher product added value. TTO can improve the quality of the code while improving the traceability of the product by printing the variable code. It highlights the flexibility.

Third, the TTO is economical to operate, can print a variety of information, and combine with the customer's system solution to achieve anti-counterfeiting functions; TTO can be freely programmed and generate various data for each marking operation, high-resolution nozzles can Print special characters and barcodes, such as text, graphics, batch numbers, real-time dates, and barcodes. You can also pre-store a large number of graphics or special characters in the library, automatically changing the code without downtime or human error. Maintaining a high level of production capacity, with the proven thermal transfer coding technology, you can code directly on the packaging material, so the label is no longer needed and the cost is significantly reduced. This makes TTO not only have an advantage in speed, but also is favored by many customers because of its convenient operation, stable performance, long-term use and low cost.

Fourth, TTO uses environmentally friendly ribbons that do not pollute the environment and affect human health. In this way, in order to better respond to the country's green environmental policy, users are more willing to buy and use TTO.

Printing real-time information on product packaging has become an important part of modern quality management systems, especially on food and pharmaceutical packaging. Real-time information allows manufacturers to track products and ensure product safety. In order to ensure the safety of food and medicine products, printing real-time information such as production date and product batch number on flexible packaging of products has become an important part of the production process. Real-time information enables manufacturers to track products as needed and provide protection when recalling products on a large scale. It can be said that mark coding technology has become an important part of modern quality systems.

In practical applications, TTO is commonly used for printing on different materials such as paper, polypropylene, fabric, PVC and plastic. At the same time, flexible packaging is an important category in the packaging industry. The output value of flexible packaging products exceeds more than half of the packaging industry, such as snack foods, dry goods, baked goods, candy, chocolate, sliced frozen fresh food, frozen food, coffee, tea, and powder. Food, bagged medicines, hardware parts and other goods are all made of various paper, plastic, paper plastic, plastic aluminum flexible packaging, TTO is the new type of flexible packaging coding technology, with advantages of good consistency of coding effect, can print real-time data, cleaning operation , etc., can also provide comprehensive, high-quality, wide-ranging coding solutions to meet the needs of enterprise product quality and safety supervision and tracking and traceability.

In addition, the application of TTO on flexible packaging is very effective. The use of flexible packaging not only satisfies the requirements of the company's variable identification, but also improves production efficiency, especially in the identification system of electronic supervision codes implemented in China. The thermal transfer coder provides a practical coding scheme for the electronic supervision code assignment in conjunction with the winder, film cutter and slitter.