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Comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of Wax/Resin ribbons to avoid damage to the equipment
- May 22, 2018 -

Wax/Resin ribbons are a very important material for printing. The Wax/Resin ribbons will directly determine the life of the print head, and at the same time it is crucial to the printing effect. High-quality ribbon can protect the print head, and it is not easy to spread or fall off.

Wax/Resin Ribbon Features:

(1) Excellent anti-friction and anti-corrosion properties, with a wide range of applications;

(2) It can meet the requirements of different materials being printed;

(3) The height resolution is suitable for printing standard and rotating bar codes;

(4) High sensitivity ensures excellent printing results;

(5) anti-static back coating, effective protection of the print head, anti-static back coating is easy to effectively protect the print head;

(6) Has high temperature resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance;

To ensure good performance, please use, transport, and store the Wax/Resin ribbon as follows:

(1) Use environment: 5°C-35°C, 45%-85% relative humidity;

(2) Transportation environment: -5°C-45°C, 20%-85% relative humidity, no more than one month;

(3) storage environment: -5 °C -40 °C, 20% -85% of the conditions of storage, no more than one year;

Note: Directly exposing the ribbon to sunlight and moisture will damage the ribbon.

A comprehensive understanding of the performance characteristics of Wax/Resin ribbons is the only way to use them better and avoid damage to the equipment.