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Coder troubleshooting and maintenance
- Aug 13, 2018 -

The main working principle of the coder is to use hot stamp ribbon instead of the ink printing, adopting a special movable type handling structure, and  printing on any flexible packaging materials. Also there are irreplaceable advantages, just like the clear printing, easy wipping; and no pollution.It is a first choice with economy and convenience.

The coder is suitable for plastic film PT, PE, PVC, OPP, KT, aluminum foil, beverage bottle trademark, all kinds of plastic composite materials, plastic bags, paper (adhesive, card), leather, cloth, packaging container bags, plastic products and electronic components housing.

However,meanwhile,it encounter some difficult problems during using, and it is difficult to solve as well. Now,we,Only Ribbon Industry share with you some of suggestion and countermeasures to help customers.
First, the thermal coder is out of work
1. Please check whether the thermal coder switch is on.
2. Please check whether the fuse is burned and the power supply is normal or not.
3. Please check whether the wiring of each department is normal.
4.Please check whether the air intake and air pipe connection is normal.

Second, hot coder moves without the printing fonts
1. Adjusting the printing temperature and printing pressure.
2. Please check whether the ribbon is loaded incorrectly.
3. Please check whether the distance between the recycled carbon belts is too small.

Third, the writing is too light
1. Adjusting the printing temperature.
2. Increasing the printing pressure and inlet pressure.

The writing is too thick

1. Reducing the printing temperature.
2. Reducing the printing pressure and inlet pressure.

Fourth, the running deviation of the ribbon
1.Please check whether each ribbon is deformed and tighten again.
2. Please check whether the position of each ribbon cartridge stopper and the holder are both fixed.
3. Please check the brake belt tension.

Fifth, the ribbon does not run
Loosen the ribbon brake and adjust the screw.

Sixth, the ribbon running is loose
Tighten the ribbon brake and adjust the screw.

Seventh, the distance between recycled ribbons is larger

1. Please check whether the ribbon is installed correctly.
2. Please check whether the ribbon adjustment screws are tightened.