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characteristics of different ribbons
- May 24, 2018 -

The main function of the ribbon as a consumable used on the barcode printer is to transfer the corresponding text and barcode information to the label under the heat and pressure of the barcode printer print head. Therefore, the ribbon is a very important material for printing. In general, the quality of the ribbon, in addition to determining the life of the print head, is also related to the printing effect. A good ribbon can protect the print head. The effect can be accurately attached to the paper, it is not easy to spread, and it is not easy to fall off. Let the Only ribbon take you to see what kind of ribbons are available:

(A) Wax Ribbon

1. Characteristics: a wide range of label adaptability, good versatility, excellent printing results, cost-effective, can apply to high-speed printing.

2. Application: Labels are mainly used in occasions where labels are used for a short time and require general quality, such as food, department stores, warehouses, tickets, and packaging labels.

3. Recommend media: kraft paper, coated paper, offset paper and so on.

(B) Wax/Resin Ribbon

1. Features: Excellent abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, has a wide range of applications, high resolution suitable for printing standards and rotating bar code, can meet the needs of different print materials, high sensitivity to ensure excellent print results, Effectively protect the print head.

2. Application: logistics management, clothing tag, clothing label, medical use, fund management, shelf management, automotive industry, shipping, warehouse and receiving labels, casing and packaging labels, shipping and address labels, blood labels, biochemistry label.

3. Recommend media: coated thermal transfer paper, mirror coated paper, cardboard, PVC and so on.

(C)Resin Ribbon

With strong scratch resistance, strong corrosion resistance, longer lasting effect, lower or proper temperature printing, clearer printing, more effective protection of your expensive print head, especially suitable for electrical label printing For the use of high-end bar code printers.

(D)Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Textile/Care Label

1. Features: excellent scratch resistance, smear resistance, chemical resistance to alcohol and other chemical properties, resistance to washing, after washing with detergent (including dry-cleaning), still maintaining a clear image, after pressing at a high temperature of 150°C Excellent quality, when printing continuously, there is no case of adherence to water.

2. Application: Washing labels for the apparel industry, special package labels, apparel fabric labels, carpet labels, etc.

3. Recommend media: paper, coated paper, synthetic paper, textiles, fabric coating labels, nylon and other digital transfer, direct or indirect thermal transfer.