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Bar code printer thermal transfer technology
- Aug 08, 2018 -

Barcode ribbons are also divided into flat-pressed barcode ribbons and edge-pressed barcode ribbons from printheads using barcode printers for flat-press barcode printers and edge-press barcode printers.

Barcode printer is a kind of device for printing barcodes. Its advantage is unmatched by our ordinary printers. Do you know why the current packaging industry can't lack this barcode printer? If you want to know why, then we need to start slowly from the simple, if you are interested, then follow the barcode printer Xiaobian to learn more about it:

In the current manufacturing industry, the products manufactured and manufactured require a series of processes such as production planning, production planning control, and production management. The management of bar code technology can provide a detailed understanding of the products manufactured. When you want to know a product, you don't need to slowly flip through the information, and you can find information about the products you want to know in a lot of product information, which is not only time-consuming, but also has a high error rate.

For example, if the bar code is used in clothing and footwear products, its unique color and size attributes can be programmed into the bar code (if there are semi-finished products in the production process, you can also use the process bar code technology to track the finished product, such as the large-scale electrical production body code).

Having said the introduction of so many barcodes, we still have not said why the barcode printer is indispensable. It is irreplaceable. Is it very difficult for everyone to understand? I believe that everyone knows that bar code printers are devices that print bar codes. Therefore, since products in the manufacturing industry need to use bar codes for identification, bar code printers are of course indispensable, and of course they are irreplaceable.