Hot Stamp

Our Hot Stamp product, including Hot Coding Foil, Medical Hot Stamp Foil, Hot Ink Roll, Thermal Transfer Ribbon product, including Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon, Near Edge Ribbon are with the most modern technology in this world, which is the best top quality in China. We abtained the most of domestic market, also having been exported over 40 countries & regions, including Asia, Africa, Middle East, America and Europe, etc,offering the mordern technology, perfect quality and humanized after-sale service always.
  • Ribbon In Printer

    Ribbon In Printer

    Ribbon in Printer is used in the ribbon printer. It is used for printing production date, batch number and other markings on packaging materials such as packaging film, aluminum foil, glazing paper and labels. Widely used in food, medicine, dairy products, sanitary products,...Read More
  • Hot Stamp Marking Tape

    Hot Stamp Marking Tape

    Hot Stamp Marking Tape Features, Anti-friction; Strong adhesion; Clear writing; High resolution; Water, Oil, acid, alkali, resistance; High separation and anti adhesion during the transfer process, better for higher temperature cooking, apply for high speed label...Read More
  • Buy Hot Stamps

    Buy Hot Stamps

    Buy Hot Stamps, Hot Stamps is a kind of printing consumable, which stamp the ink to plastic, paper, composite film and other materials through heat and pressure. Coding Foils is suitable for printing and marking, such as the production date, batch number, weight etc. on the...Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Aluminium Foil

    Pharmaceutical Aluminium Foil

    As a consumable for infusion bags, our Pharmaceutical Foil for PVC and non-PVC infusion bags are in line with the international technical performance and customer requirements.Read More
  • Online Gold Foil Printing

    Online Gold Foil Printing

    ONLY Ribbon Industry produce the wonderful Online Gold Foil Printing to meet the all of needs of customers' stamping and coding applications. Each type of Hot Stamping Foil is in rigorous testing of ONLY Ribbon Industry equipment for a few months before recommending to the...Read More
  • Aluminum Foil For Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Aluminum Foil For Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Aluminum Foil For Pharmaceutical Packaging for Blood Bags, solution/Blood Bags, Non-toxic & Non-benzene, High-definition, Printing & No-fading, Excellent Performance for Anti-scratch, High-temperature Sterilization Resistance.Read More
  • Roll On Hot Stamping Machine

    Roll On Hot Stamping Machine

    Roll On Hot Stamping Machine, the coded ribbon replaces the ink print and adopts a special movable type loading and unloading structure to encode on any flexible packaging material. The printing is clear, not easy to wipe off; clean and no ink pollution is an economical and...Read More
  • Hot Printing Foil

    Hot Printing Foil

    Hot Printing Foil, the composition of the thermal transfer ribbon is very simple,which ribbon is made by the nylon yarn immersed in ink and dyed. The high-quality ribbon is very durable, elastic and long-lasting. Its base is very smooth without the obvious convex fiber knots,...Read More
  • Black Hot Stamp Ribbon

    Black Hot Stamp Ribbon

    General ribbon printers are available in plastic film PT, PE, PVC, OPP, KT, aluminum foil, beverage bottle trademarks; various plastic composite materials, plastic bags, paper (stickers, cards), leather, cloth; packaging Container bag, plastic product; electronic component...Read More
  • Cheap Gold Foil Printing

    Cheap Gold Foil Printing

    Any business, the quality is the soul of the product. As one of the largest and leading printing consumable producer, Only Ribbon Industry pursue the serious business principle "Creating perfect quality, Gathering industry elites and Taking best support." We shall integrate...Read More
  • Hot Foil Rolls

    Hot Foil Rolls

    Hot Foil Rolls is a printing consumable.The ribbon is used from the earliest mechanical impact English printers to the current computer dot matrix printers. The working principle of the ribbon is to use the dot matrix strike needle in the head of the dot matrix printer or the...Read More
  • Hot Gold Foil Printing

    Hot Gold Foil Printing

    Hot Gold Foil Printing is a kind of printing consumable that we are familiar with. Many industries use the ribbon for printing date and batch no.,such as food, medicine, and chemicals.So as to prevent the ink layer falling off to affect sales,the ink ribbon adhesion...Read More
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