Medical Hot Stamp Foil for PVC Bag

The printing effect and quality of Medical Hot Stamp Foil for PVC Bag depend on three factors. The first, the good and stable printer. The second, the excellent and higher quality Medical Hot Stamp Foil for PVC Bag, also the last, the premium and regular printed materials. So any one factor could influence the final printing effect and quality.

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Product Details

Medical Hot Stamp Foil for PVC Bag


Temperature( ℃ )
Touch Time (Second)Object Material
130 -175 0.3 – 0.5   0.2 – 0.7, 0.1 – 0.7PVC,PP,PCCE,M312
The size could be customized according to customers’ special requirement.  

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Only Ribbon Industry is a professional and genuine producer of Hot Stamp Foil, Thermal Transfer Ribbon and Ink Roller many years, and our products are standard and customized as clients need.

Our factory has 22 coating production lines of ribbons, producing over 410 million square meters hot stamping ribbons per year. Our main products, Hot Stamping Ribbon (Hot Foil/Coding Foil), Medical Foil for Intravenous Solution& Blood Bags, Hot Ink Roller, Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Care Label (Washing Label), and TTO(Near-Edge) etc., are widely used in the lines of food and pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Electronics, Logistics, Office and Advertising, Chemical and other Packaging Industries.


Our Hot Stamp Foil, Thermal Transfer Ribbon and Ink Roller are with the most modern technology in this world, thereinto the Hot stamp ribbon and Thermal Transfer Ribbon (TTO near edge) are with the best top quality in China. We abtained the most of domestic market in China, also having been exported over 40 countries & regions, including Asia, Africa, Middle East, America and Europe, etc,basic on the mordern technology, perfect quality and humanized after-sale service.


We have been pursuing the excellent coding effect always, on the way, looking forward to working together with all of esteemed companies in Hot Stamp Foil, Thermal Transfer Ribbon and Ink Roller business area long term. Acknowledged worldwide for quality, ONLY RIBBON coding features innovative solution, global clients support and perfect performance ribbons. Contacting and trying please, warmly welcome to visit us any time.

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