Sponge Hot Ink Rolls

The feature of Sponge Hot Ink Rolls: Easy to Handle, Excellent Printing Result, Great Scratch Resistant, Fast Drying, Non-pollution, Non-toxic, Clear & Clean Printing, Tens of Thousands of Printing Times, Long Service Life, Cost Effective Suitable for Printing onto Paper and PP, PE, PET, PVC, PS, Aluminum Foil. Please note it is very crucial that when using Sponge Hot Ink Rolls, please pre -heating of 15-25 minutes before printing.

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Product Details

How Sponge Hot Ink Rolls works and its Application

While the foods and pharmaceuticals finalizing in production line, whose packing, such as the plastic film and paper materials, need to be immediately printed the production date and batch number etc.General speaking, the normal ink contain the organic solvents,which it is a flowing liquid, so it is easy to contaminate the packaging. Meanwhile, the solvent will also cause pollution when it volatilizes, in this regards, which is not allowed to be used. Using the solid Sponge Hot Ink Rolls will not be contaminated even though it is melted. Also people take the ink into the sponge for trying using once more, so the convenient and nice Sponge Hot Ink Rolls is born.

The Sponge Hot Ink Rolls is composed of ink and sponge together. Both the ink and the sponge are required the special processing, then the sponge is subjected to high density compression and processing, and then the ink is injected into the sponge to be a Sponge Hot Ink Rolls. The Sponge Hot Ink Rolls is widely used in the food, medicine, beverage and another areas, also a variety of flexible packaging, such as the paper, plastic bags and another materials Printing, and a variety of text, digital signs, such as date of manufacture, batch number, expiration date, weight and quantity etc.

Features: easy using, clear writing, no fall off, quick drying, no pollution, more printing and low cost.

The Sponge Hot Ink Rolls match to ink roll printer. And it has many of advantages, such as easy using, clear writing, no fall off, quick drying, no pollution and printing more etc. Also the Sponge Hot Ink Rolls to the printer will be to the fast printing performance. And its greatest strengths is the low cost.

Product Parameter (Specification)







Easy to Handle, Excellent Printing Result Great Scratch Resistant, Fast Drying Non-pollution, Non-toxic, Clear & Clean Printing    
Tens of Thousands of Printing Times 

Long Service Life, Cost Effective                
Suitable for Printing onto Paper and PP,PE,PET,PVC,PS,AluminumFoil            








Other Color    
     (White/Red/ Yellow/Orange/Blue)        


Remark:  Pre-heating of 15-25 minutes before printing                                                                

Sponge Hot Ink Rolls

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