Hot Ink Roller for Coding Machine

Hot Ink Roll, the another name are Hot Ink Roll or Hot Ink Roller for Coding Machine, working with Hot Ink Contact Printers/Coders, is used to print production Date, expiry date and batch number, etc information onto the packages, so be widely used to print the label for products. Please note it is very crucial that pre -heating of 15-25 minutes before printing.

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Product Details

Hot Ink Roller for Coding Machine

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Product Parameter

Working(℃)   Temperature  

R-L   (Black)  90-130

R-M  (Black)   120-150  

R-H  (Black)  140-180 

Other Color (White/Red/ Yellow/Orange/Blue) 90-130  

Features  Easy to Handle, Excellent Printing Result Great Scratch Resistant, Fast Drying,Non-pollution, Non-toxic, Clear & Clean Printing,Tens of Thousands of Printing Times  Long Service Life, Cost Effective, Suitable for Printing onto Paper and  PP,PE,PET,PVC,PS, AluminumFoil    

Size/OD*H     (ID=10/11/12mm)       
36mm×10mm    36mm×16mm    36mm×32mm    36mm×36mm   

36mm×40mm    40mm×40mm    48mm×55mm    48mm×60mm

Remark  Pre-heating of 15-25 minutes before printing    


Hot Ink Roller for Coding Machine
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