Hot Ink Roll

The hot ink roll is composed of ink and sponge together. Both the ink and the sponge are required the special processing, then the sponge is subjected to high density compression and processing, and then the ink is injected into the sponge to be a hot ink roll. The hot ink roll is widely used in the food, medicine, beverage and another areas, also a variety of flexible packaging, such as the paper, plastic bags and another materials Printing, and a variety of text, digital signs, such as date of manufacture, batch number, expiration date, weight and quantity etc. Features: easy using, clear writing, no fall off, quick drying, no pollution, more printing and low cost.
  • Solid Hot Ink Roller

    Solid Hot Ink Roller

    We have been pursuing the excellent coding effect always, on the way, looking forward to working together with all of esteemed companies in Hot Stamp Ribbon (Foil), Thermal Transfer Ribbon (Foil) and Solid Hot Ink Roller business area long term. Acknowledged worldwide for...Read More
  • Hot Ink Rolls Multiple Color

    Hot Ink Rolls Multiple Color

    The printing effect and quality of Hot Ink Rolls depend on three factors. The first, the good and stable printer. The second, the excellent and higher quality Hot Ink Rolls, also the last, the premium and regular printed materials. So any one factor could influence the final...Read More
  • 36mm×10mm Hot Ink Rolls

    36mm×10mm Hot Ink Rolls

    Customers’ information or logo can be put on the packing of our 36mm×10mm Hot Ink Rolls. As long as you send us your information and logo, we will try to print the information and logo on the packing face of 36mm×10mm Hot Ink Rolls. The 36mm×10mm Hot Ink Rolls with the...Read More
  • 48mm×60mm Hot Ink Rolls

    48mm×60mm Hot Ink Rolls

    The best services we could support are 48mm×60mm Hot Ink Rolls sample testing is available and free. And the freight of sample delivery is at receiver’s side, but to be refunded by deducting from the right coming order of 48mm×60mm Hot Ink Rolls automatically. Also the 24...Read More
  • Hot Stamping Ink Roller

    Hot Stamping Ink Roller

    Date coding Ink roller especially for food packaging bags Date coding Ink roller The hot stamping Ink roller working with the hot ink roll coders, used for plastic film, paper and other material surfaces, printing production date, batch number, etc. With the advantages of...Read More
  • Hot Ink Roll for Hot Ink Contact Printers

    Hot Ink Roll for Hot Ink Contact Printers

    Our Hot Ink Roll for Hot Ink Contact Printers are with the most modern technology in this world, there into the Hot Ink Roll for Hot Ink Contact Printers are with the best top quality in China. We obtained the most of domestic market in China, also having been exported over...Read More
  • Hot Melt Ink Rolls

    Hot Melt Ink Rolls

    Ref to quality, we have been in Hot Melt Ink Rolls area over 10 years already, also our technology is TOP grade and NO. one in China. And our quality and price are both very competitive in this world market, so please comparing our quality and price with other brands any time.Read More
  • Black Hot Ink Roller

    Black Hot Ink Roller

    Black Hot Ink Roll, also called Black Hot Ink Roller have wide selectable colors, Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, etc. And normal size of Black Hot Ink Roller is 36mm×10mm, 36mm×16mm, 36mm×32mm, 36mm×36mm, 36mm×40mm, 40mm×40mm, 48mm×55mm, 48mm×60mm. Black Hot Ink...Read More
  • Sponge Hot Ink Rolls

    Sponge Hot Ink Rolls

    The feature of Sponge Hot Ink Rolls: Easy to Handle, Excellent Printing Result, Great Scratch Resistant, Fast Drying, Non-pollution, Non-toxic, Clear & Clean Printing, Tens of Thousands of Printing Times, Long Service Life, Cost Effective Suitable for Printing onto Paper and...Read More
  • Hot Ink Roller for Coding Machine

    Hot Ink Roller for Coding Machine

    Hot Ink Roll, the another name are Hot Ink Roll or Hot Ink Roller for Coding Machine, working with Hot Ink Contact Printers/Coders, is used to print production Date, expiry date and batch number, etc information onto the packages, so be widely used to print the label for...Read More
  • Hot Ink Roll for Date Coding

    Hot Ink Roll for Date Coding

    We manufacture the specialized high -density compression Hot Ink Roll for Date Coding, which are friction loaded with a variety of hot melt inks better, our Hot Ink Roll for Date Coding, working with Hot Ink Roll coders, printers and sealing machines, can obtain the quick...Read More
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