White Hot Foil

White Hot Foil

White Hot Foil are commonly used in black, white, red, blue, etc., and can be supplied in different colors according to customer requirements. Please consult the product sales personnel for details. Common specifications are 25mm (width) X100m (length), 30mmX100m, 35mmX100mm, 40mmX100m, etc. , can provide different specifications according to customer requirements.

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White Hot Foil

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The advantages of hot stamping technology mainly include the following points.

     (1) The quality is good, the precision is high, and the edge of the hot stamping image is clear and sharp.

     (2) The surface gloss is high, and the hot stamping pattern is bright and smooth.

     (3) Hot stamping foil has a wide selection range, such as hot stamping foil of different colors, hot stamping foil with different gloss effects, and hot stamping foil suitable for different substrates.

     (4) The hot stamping process also has a prominent advantage, that is, it can perform three-dimensional hot stamping. The three-dimensional hot stamping plate is made by computer numerical control engraving and engraving (CNC), which makes the hot stamping processed image have obvious three-dimensional layer, forming a relief effect on the surface of the printed matter, and generating a strong visual impact effect. Three-dimensional hot stamping gives the package a unique touch.

Recommended printing temperature: 110 ° C -160 ° C, suitable for all types of thermal coder, and a variety of different printing materials, with excellent anti-friction ability, widely used in food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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