Silver Foil Print

Silver Foil Print

Silver Foil Print is a kind of printing consumable, which stamp the ink to plastic, paper, composite film and other materials through heat and pressure. Coding Foils is suitable for printing and marking, such as the production date, batch number, weight etc. on the surface of soft food packaging, medicine and dairy products etc. And the Chinese characters, Arabic numerals, English characters, etc. can be clearly printed by Coding Foils. The printed characters of Coding Foils are clear, firm, scratch-resistant and resistant to cooking.

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Silver foil print instructions

1. Turn on the coder temperature control switch 30 minutes in advance to set the operating temperature.

2. The product practical parameters: temperature 110-80 °C; pressure medium pressure; print speed 60-400 times / min.

3. Indicated the temperature reach to the set temperature, then turn on switch.

4. Responsible for every user. Within one year from the date of sale of the product, if the user is using it correctly, if it is due to the quality problems caused by the production, the company is responsible for the replacement. Please contact customer service in time to return the goods.

5. During the actual production and use, please promptly clean or replace the printing head and characters to ensure the best printing effect.

6. Products should be stored in warehouses with ambient temperature of 5-35°C and relative humidity of 30-80%, dry, ventilated and protected from light, and without corrosive gases such as acids and alkalis. The product packing box should be elevated, at least 30 centimeters from the ground, at least 1 meter away from the wall and heating equipment.

Sliver printing effect                  gold and sliver printing effect

Currently, there are even more applications for on-line identification of the low, the medium and the high-speed production as well.

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