Roll On Hot Stamping Machine

Roll On Hot Stamping Machine

Roll On Hot Stamping Machine, the coded ribbon replaces the ink print and adopts a special movable type loading and unloading structure to encode on any flexible packaging material. The printing is clear, not easy to wipe off; clean and no ink pollution is an economical and healthy coding method.

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Product Details

Roll On Hot Stamping Machine


The composition of the thermal transfer ribbon is very simple, which ribbon is made by the nylon yarn immersed in ink and dyed. The high-quality ribbon is very durable, elastic and long-lasting. Its base is very smooth without The obvious convex fiber knots, also with the uniform latitude and longitude. And the ribbon edge is straight without the char phenomenon. The while if the elasticity is good, it will restore soon. Infinite ribbon base is with the wire drawing severely, and the feeling is hard when touched., while using, the poor ribbon is with the uneven edge,charing edge , poor stretch and recovery,entraining, flouncing and needle jams etc.

Application field

  Price mark, weight mark, batch mark, date of manufacture, period of use, etc.

Applicable medium

  Various papers, plastic films, aluminum foil, trademarks, cartons, leather, documents, etc.

Main feature

1. It has ideal adhesion to various media such as paper, milk bag, leather, aluminum-plastic composite, PE, PP, PS, PET, etc.

2. Recommended for flat metal head printing.

3. Excellent print clarity and transfer rate.

4. Excellent scratch resistance.

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