Ribbon In Printer

Ribbon In Printer

Ribbon in Printer is used in the ribbon printer. It is used for printing production date, batch number and other markings on packaging materials such as packaging film, aluminum foil, glazing paper and labels. Widely used in food, medicine, dairy products, sanitary products, daily chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.

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Ribbon in Printer


Hot stamp ribbon are printer consumables that are polyester or other high density films that are coated with a wax-based, resin-based or mixed ink on one side. Apply lubricant to the side without ink to prevent wear and damage of the print head. The core of the ribbon is usually of paper or plastic. The main requirement is that it cannot be deformed and cannot slide when printed.

     Hot stamp ribbon technical indicators:

     A. Transferability refers to the percentage of ink ribbon transferred to the printing medium. Whether the ink layer can be completely heat transferred to the printing medium (plastic, paper, composite film, etc.), the thermal transfer ribbon can transfer 100 How much ink is divided.

     B. Adhesion refers to the adhesion fastness and abrasion resistance of the ink layer printed on the printing medium (plastic, paper, composite film, etc.).

     C. Sharpness means that the ink layer is thermally transferred to the printing medium, and the printed content is clear and beautiful.

     D. Adaptability refers to whether the thermal transfer ribbon can be printed in various media (plastic, paper, composite film, etc.) and production environment (cooking, freezing, etc.), and the printing effect can meet the customer's requirements. ribbon.

     E. Temperature refers to the temperature of the thermal transfer ribbon during use, the thermal transfer ribbon characteristics are different, the temperature is not the same in actual use, the printing effect is different at different temperatures, only the printing effect is the best, the temperature It is the best.

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