Hot Stamping Foil Rolls

Hot Stamping Foil Rolls

Hot Stamping Foil Rolls is a kind of printing consumable, which stamp the ink to plastic, paper, composite film and other materials through heat and pressure. Coding Foils is suitable for printing and marking, such as the production date, batch number, weight etc. on the surface of soft food packaging, medicine and dairy products etc. And the Chinese characters, Arabic numerals, English characters, etc. can be clearly printed by Coding Foils. The printed characters of Coding Foils are clear, firm, scratch-resistant and resistant to cooking. Currently, there are even more applications for on-line identification of the low, the medium and the high-speed production as well.

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Product Details

Hot Stamping Foil Rolls


The composition

a. The coating on the front of the base ensure the stable ink for completely stamping and printing;

b. The over coating on the ink to protect the color stability and enhance

c. Thin and strong polyester or other high-density material;

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