Hot Stamp Coding Foil

The feature of our Hot Stamp Coding Foil and thermal transfer ribbon (foil): Higher temperature resistance, Drying quickly, Tolerance cooking, Higher resolution, Good printing effect, Strong adhesion, Excellent resistance to friction and Easy using etc. Using our Hot Stamp Coding Foil, you can enjoy the excellent printing performance with the most competitive price and the best service at the same time.

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Product Details

ONLY Ribbon Industry produce the wonderful Hot Stamping Foil to meet the all of needs of customers' stamping and coding applications. Each type of Hot Stamping Foil is in rigorous testing of ONLY Ribbon Industry equipment for a few months before recommending to the customer, also under various production conditions, bar codes, print heads, abrasion resistance and ink dropouts on various materials testing.



a. specification means ribbon width x length, also the width unit is mm, the length unit is m, and the inner diameter is 1 inch.

b. The common specifications in world market are 20mmx 100m, 25mm x 100m, 30mm x100m, 35mm x100m

c. Color: Black (common)

Hot Stamp Coding Foil is used in the Pharmacy, food package, household, chemical industry, retailers etc

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Technical indicators

a. Transitivity The percentage of the ink layer of the ribbon stamped to the print media, whether the ink layer can be 100% heated to stamp completely to the print media (plastic, paper, composite film and anther materials).

b. Adhesion The adhesion and abrasion resistance of the ink layer print and stamp on the printing media (plastic, paper, composite film etc.).


c. Sharpness The ink layer stamped to the print media. The clarity of printed content is excellent.


d. Adaptability Whether the hot stamp ribbon can be stamped in various media (plastic, paper, composite film, etc.) and production environment (cooking, freezing, etc.), and whether the stamping effect could meet the requirements of customers completely.


e.Temperature Different Hot Stamp Coding Foil characteristics result with the different temperatures during actual use. In different temperatures, the effect of stamping is not same, just only the stamping performance is perfect, which is the suitable.


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