Hot Gold Foil Printing

Hot Gold Foil Printing

Hot Gold Foil Printing is a kind of printing consumable that we are familiar with. Many industries use the ribbon for printing date and batch no.,such as food, medicine, and chemicals.So as to prevent the ink layer falling off to affect sales,the ink ribbon adhesion capability should be strictly monitored.

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Hot Gold Foil Printing

What is ribbon?

What is ribbon? Ribbon is a printing consumable.The ribbon is used from the earliest mechanical impact English printers to the current computer dot matrix printers. The working principle of the ribbon is to use the dot matrix strike needle in the head of the dot matrix printer or the letter hitting parts in the English typewriter to collide with the print ribbon to produce the print effect on the printing paper.


The composition of the ribbon is very simple, that is, the belt base formed by weaving nylon yarn is immersed and dyed by ink. High-quality ribbon, the base should be durable, strong, long-lasting print, no hair, no lines, no leaf. Its performance is mainly that the surface of the belt base is flat, there is no obvious protruding fiber knot, the latitude and longitude structure is even and dense, and the edges are straight and uniform, and there is no scorch phenomenon. Touch by hand: A good base can feel soft and delicate, and has a very slippery feeling. Even if the elasticity is very good, the originality is fast. Inferior ribbon base breakage is extremely powerful, the hand feels hard when touched, the cutting edge is uneven, the edge is sharp, the elasticity is small when pulled open, and the recovery is poor after the card is opened, and the printing is often entrained, easy to start the ruffle , resulting in the phenomenon of plugging the needle, cassette and so on.

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