Hot Foil Rolls

Hot Foil Rolls

Hot Foil Rolls is a printing consumable.The ribbon is used from the earliest mechanical impact English printers to the current computer dot matrix printers. The working principle of the ribbon is to use the dot matrix strike needle in the head of the dot matrix printer or the letter hitting parts in the English typewriter to collide with the print ribbon to produce the print effect on the printing paper.

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Hot Foil Rolls


Hot Foil Rolls are a kind of printing consumable that we are familiar with. Many industries use the ribbon for printing date and batch no.,such as food, medicine, and chemicals.So as to prevent the ink layer falling off to affect sales,the ink ribbon adhesion capability should be strictly monitored.

The main features of thermal transfer ribbon are rapid, convenient, and providing clear and accurate printing to various products or services timely. Thermal Transfer Ribbon could be widely used in all types of materials. Thermal transfer is a printing technique that transfer the ribbon ink to a material,just like paper or film through the hot embossing and bonding process.The quality of the thermal transfer ribbon is the same important as the printer.

Whether you are in pastry, medicine or household areas, our Hot Stamping Foil Rolls can meet your demand always. Even in the most demanding environments, such as heat, cold and disinfection, all of stamping working will be done well, many of materials are all in the excellent stamping performance.

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