Hot Coding Ribbon

Hot coding ribbon is used in the ribbon coder to print the production date, batch number, etc. on the labels and various packaging films, like aluminum foils, glossy papers, prefabricated bags, etc. Widely used in food, medicine, dairy products, daily necessities, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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Hot coding ribbon

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01 Features of hot coding ribbon

The main features of ribbon thermal transfer are rapid, convenient, and can provide clear and accurate seals for various products or services in time. Ribbons can be widely used in all types of materials.


02 Performance index of hot coding ribbon

Adhesion,Handwriting clarity, Tape, Print off powder, Handwriting resistant to sterilization,

Handwriting resistant to refrigeration, frozen


03 Suitable material for hot coding ribbon

SCF900: suitable for PP, PET, PVC, aluminum foil and various composite films, Dairy products, and can adapt to a variety of labeling, clear writing


04 The main specifications of hot coding ribbon

The common specifications of the coding ribbons are: 25*100, 30*100, 35*100

Various specifications can be customized according to customer needs;


Hot coding ribbon

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05 Hot coding ribbon instructions

First, the product practical parameters: temperature 110-80 °C; pressure medium pressure; print speed 60-400 times / min;

Second, the principle of parameter setting:


1, the pressure is unchanged, according to the print speed to adjust the use of temperature, the faster the speed, the higher the print temperature;

2, the temperature, print speed constant adjustment pressure;

3, the pressure is constant, according to the temperature adjustment print speed, the lower the temperature, the slower the print speed;


Third. Turn on the coder temperature control switch 30 minutes in advance to set the operating temperature.

Four, indicated the temperature reach to the set temperature, then turn on switch;

Five. During the actual production and use, please promptly clean or replace the printing head and characters to ensure the best printing effect;

Sixth, 6. Products should be stored in warehouses with ambient temperature of 5-35°C and relative humidity of 30-80%, dry, ventilated and protected from light, and without corrosive gases such as acids and alkalis. The product packing box should be elevated, at least 30 centimeters from the ground, at least 1 meter away from the wall and heating equipment;


Seven. Responsible for every user. Within one year from the date of sale of the product, if the user is using it correctly, if it is due to the quality problems caused by the production, the company is responsible for the replacement. Please contact customer service in time to return the goods.

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