Gold Foil Stamping

Gold Foil Stamping

Gold Foil Stamping, also named Coding Foil or Hot Foil, working with Hot Stamp Printer. Customers’ information or logo can be put on the packing of our Gold Foil Stamping and thermal transfer ribbon (foil). As long as you send us your information and logo, we will try to print the information and logo on the packing .

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Product Details

Gold Foil Stamping 

Whether you are in pastry, medicine or household areas, our Gold Foil Stamping can meet your demand always. Even in the most demanding environments, such as heat, cold and disinfection, all of stamping working will be done well, many of materials are all in the excellent stamping performance.

1. ) The edges of printed fonts are fuzzy or hollow.

The main reason is that the temperature is too high or the printer is over-pressurized. Please adjust the temperature and pressure of the printer the same to make the printing effect to the best.

2. ) The main reason of the break is that the temperature is too high or letter array is not neatly.

3. ) The fonts should be arranged neatly with same height after date adjusting each time.

4. ) Please preheat the printer 20 --- 30 minutes while using after opening the printer or changing the characters each time. Please contact a professional maintenance if the printer temperature does not rise yet.

5.) Printing fonts are incomplete while using due to the low printing temperature, too much pressure on the printer, or irregular arrangement of the character type.Please try to adjust the temperature, printer pressure, or rearranging the characters to ensure the printing effect to be optimal.


Suitable Medium 

Hot Stamp Foils for Date Coding working well with all kind of flexible packages


Anti-friction; Strong adhesion; Clear writing; High resolution; Water, Oil, acid, alkali, resistance; High separation and anti adhesion during the transfer process, better for higher temperature cooking, apply for high speed label machine.    


Widely used in pharmacy, food, packing industry to print batch number, production/expiration date and text label.


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