Foil Stamping Colors

Foil Stamping Colors

Foil stamping colors, the main features of thermal transfer ribbon are rapid, convenient, and providing clear and accurate printing to various products or services timely. Thermal Transfer Ribbon could be widely used in all types of materials. Thermal transfer is a printing technique that transfer the ribbon ink to a material,just like paper or film through the hot embossing and bonding process.

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Foil stamping colors

The composition of the thermal transfer ribbon is very simple,which ribbon is made by the nylon yarn immersed in ink and dyed. The high-quality ribbon is very durable, elastic and long-lasting. Its base is very smooth without the obvious convex fiber knots, also with the uniform latitude and longitude.And the ribbon edge is straight without the char phenomenon. After touching,we could feel soft and delicate and smooth. Even if the elasticity is good, it will restore soon. The insufficient ribbon base is with the wire drawing severely,and the feeling is hard when touched. Meanwhile,while using,the poor ribbon is with the uneven edge,charing edge , poor stretch and recovery,entraining, flouncing and needle jams etc.

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Any business, the quality is the soul of the product. As one of the largest and leading printing consumable producer,Only Ribbon Industry pursue the serious business principle  "Creating perfect quality, Gathering industry elites and Taking best support." We shall integrate the craftsmanship into every link of production and provide consumers with the best thermal transfer ribbons always.

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