Foil Stamped Ribbon

Foil Stamped Ribbon

The main features of thermal transfer ribbon are rapid, convenient, and providing clear and accurate printing to various products or services timely. Thermal Transfer Ribbon could be widely used in all types of materials. Thermal transfer is a printing technique that transfer the ribbon ink to a material,just like paper or film through the hot embossing and bonding process.The quality of the thermal transfer ribbon is the same important as the printer.

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Foil Stamped Ribbon


Ribbon is high-tech professional coating materials, whose quality not only relating to printing effect including sharpness, adhesion, and durability, but also effecting the service life of equipment, especially expensive print head. The different materials and color of thermal transfer ribbon and hot stamp ribbon should work with different printing materials and printers. In hot stamp ribbon and thermal transfer ribbon technology, the performance of the printer is the most important. Besides the desktop printers, on-line printing equipment is common in production lines as well.


Ribbon storage precautions

Storage: To ensure the best performance, use, transport and store the ribbon as follows.

Use environment: 5 ° C -35 ° C, 45% -85% relative humidity.

Transportation environment: -5 ° C -45 ° C, 20% -85% relative humidity, time is not more than one month.

Storage environment: -5 ° C -40 ° C, 20% -85% storage conditions, not more than one year.

Note: Exposing the ribbon directly to sunlight and moisture will damage the ribbon.

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