Code Stamp

Code Stamp

Code stamp is a kind of printing consumable that we are familiar with. Many industries use the ribbon for printing date and batch no.,such as food, medicine, and chemicals.So as to prevent the ink layer falling off to affect sales,the ink ribbon adhesion capability should be strictly monitored.

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Code Stamp

SCF900: suitable for PP, PET, PVC, aluminum foil and various composite films, Dairy products, and can adapt to a variety of labeling, clear writing.


The basic composition of the hot stamp ribbon:

1) thin and strong PET or other high-density materials as base;
2) Base coating ensure the ink evenly and completely transferred during printing or stamping;
3) Wax or resin base ink layer;
4) The outer coating protects the ink and enhances the adhesion to the printed material during printing and stamping;
5) Back coating protect the print head from the static electricity, heat, and friction.

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