Cheap Gold Foil Printing

Cheap Gold Foil Printing

Any business, the quality is the soul of the product. As one of the largest and leading printing consumable producer, Only Ribbon Industry pursue the serious business principle "Creating perfect quality, Gathering industry elites and Taking best support." We shall integrate the craftsmanship Into every link of production and provide consumers with the best thermal transfer ribbons always.

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Cheap Gold Foil Printing

Gold printing effect

The ribbon is generally a common printer, that is, the usual consumables for the dot matrix printer. The ribbon is used with the dot matrix printer, which is cloth.

The management of bar code technology can provide a detailed understanding of the products manufactured. When you want to know a product, you don't need to slowly flip through the information, and you can find information about the products you want to know in a lot of product information, which is not only time-consuming, but also has a high error rate.

For example, if the bar code is used in clothing and footwear products, its unique color and size attributes can be programmed into the bar code (if there are semi-finished products in the production process, you can also use the process bar code technology To track the finished product, such as the large-scale electrical production body code. Wait).

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